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Posted on: February 9, 2010 8:50 pm

First Blog of the season... go HAWKS

It's been a great season for the Jayhawks this year.  There gave been several developments I would like to discuss:

1. Marcus Morris:  What can I say?  Did you think he would be the most improved player after last year?  I sure didn't.  He has been simply AMAZING this year.  He has been the "MVP" of the Big XII season thus far.  He is shooting for a high percentage from the field and is cleaning the glass with the best of them.

2.  Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins:  I expected greatness... and have gotten... well... solid play.  The Jayhawks have been able to win games with them playing sub-par (last night for example)... there is still time for them to have some big games.  Need to see Cole get more agressive in the post. 

3.  Tennessee game:  just plain ugly.  That Vols team would have beat any team that afternoon.  You need a game like that to build from.  I think the team realized that if they don't bring it ever game... they can get beat.  They have learned and improved.

4.  Reed and Morningstar:  The great white hope(s)?  They have played MUCH better than I had expected thus far.  They need to continue to hit their open shots and play smart.  They have earned their spots in the rotation and I like what I've seen!!!

5.  Freshman class:  Dissapointing.  They have played very little if at all recently.  Other than the obvious (X)... don't expect them to play much.

So... with about 1/2 the conference season left... there is still a lot of basketball to play.  I think this team could go down as one of the best to play for Kansas.  Cole, Sherron, Marcus and X need to carry the team to the championship.  I look forward to seeing how things play out.
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